About the Year of Mercy

The Year of Mercy is an invitation to begin life anew, to discover true love, true kindness, and unbounded generosity. Pope Francis is offering you the opportunity to encounter the incredible Mercy of God through the beautiful life giving sacrament of Reconciliation, instituted by Jesus ( John 20:22-23 ).

No matter the gravity of your sins, how messed up your life may be or how many years it has been since you last went to confession, a warm welcome awaits you.

Don't worry if you have forgotten or don't know how to make a confession, simply tell the priest and he will be delighted to talk you through it. To find out when confessions are available, you could check your local parish website, phone the parish, ask a parishioner or simply call at your nearest Catholic Chapel and check the notice board.

You can gain a plenary indulgence every day during the Year of Mercy in a number of ways including going to one of the designated chapels in Dioceses throughout the world, where there are doors of Mercy. For Down&Connor (Ireland) it is St Patrick’s Church, Belfast.

About Indulgences